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Creators are the new entrepreneurs! Imagine making a part-time or even a full-time income sharing your content that you now share on other platforms for free.

Your videos, posts, and other content on this platform are money in your pocket. Stop giving it away!

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What Exactly Is an IslandFans Creator?

IslandFans Creators as they’re commonly referred to, are individuals who produce content to upload to the social media platform IslandFans.

There are all sorts of IslandFans Creators who focus on various categories. Comedy skits, music and movie reviews, travel vlogs, style advice, cooking etc. You get the idea, there can be IslandFans channels for anything and everything, and the content creators are who create the content, upload it and run the channel.


Our fees explained

We'll take 30% to cover expenses like transaction fees and our platform running fees.

Nothing else is hidden or unclear. We will take care of the hassle.

Creators Earnings Simulator

Audience Size 500
Membership Fee $ $500

$850 Per Month

Estimate includes the 30% platform fee.

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